sabato 16 aprile 2011

4o% OFF The All Natural Face 15-22 Aprile

The All Natural Face 

fa uno sconto del 4o% su TUTTO... 


Dovete solamente inserire il codice: NEW SITE
al checkout


"This is a whooping 40% OFF.  
You won't see a sale this deep for awhile...and it is for a limited time.  
The sale will not be listed on the website...I think :) ..
Depends on how much cash I raise :)  
I need to generate some cash to make these changes happen.  
I also released a bunch of new products to accompany this sale :)  
More will be coming...but I just got caught up from having the surgery...
so it is taking a little bit to find the time to develop 
some of the cool and fun things I have coming :)

SALE RUNS FROM TODAY THROUGH 4/22/11...Yes, the 30% off ends the 15th...but this sale will run 1 week longer:)

Enter the words NEW SITE in capital letters...
into the discount code box at checkout. 
Discount is automatic after you enter the code. 
You can not combine discounts. 
You can share the details of the sale with friends and family AND use the discount as often as you like during the sale period :)

I will be resending this same email on Monday 
for all the "work surfers" who have left early on Friday :) "

Ragazze... passate a dare 1 occhiata...



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